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The official HTML5 port of the HURR-DURR JS Trojan. As I've been the "HURR-DURR" maintainer since 2021, I think it would only be fair if I added some context along the website. Equivalent to "You Are An Idiot", I will update it with latest news and developments, as we progress.
Luckily, there haven't been many. Last updated: 30th of August, 2023 (2023/08/30)

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What happened to

First and most of all, it's unclear both who made that piece and maintained the website before me. The website was last seen online November 4th, 2017 (2017/11/04). Since then, there hasn't been much going on, because to be completely fair, HURR-DURR was never as popular as YouAreAnIdiot. Statistically, it gets 12 times less unique visitors as opposed to

You could say it was only popular among techie kids of late 90s / early 2000s. Hence, the owner probably couldn't be bothered to keep the website afloat anymore, let alone spend Netflix subscription worth on the domain name annually.

Besides, modern browser policies have essentially killed it, as the website was targeted at Internet Explorer. The main idea behind the payload was to abuse the IE alerts, which I believe, Microsoft haven't fixed until the very end of Internet Explorer. They were served in form of Win32 message boxes, owner HWND of which referenced the creator window. While logically it makes sense, it completely disables the creator window, bringing focus to the message box. If alerts are served continuously and infinitely, you have no choice but to end Internet Explorer via Task Manager. That's exactly what the original version of HURR-DURR employed. Oh yes, the JavaScript code was also executed asynchronously, which made executing any logic while essentially disabling the owner window possible.

I don't think that comes off as a surprise, but there's just no possible way to fully recreate HURR-DURR. Most of the JavaScript logic behind it was outright disabled, as it is clear abuse of JavaScript within the browser. While I consider this a weenie hut junior solution to the problem, it was kind of made possible due to the Chromium monopoly. I certainly do miss the times when you had to be careful while browsing. It was sort of an added challenge, and that's what made it fun.

I consider myself lucky to have seen it live. I tried my best to recreate the website with creator's initial goals in mind. It's always an honor to preserve history, even if it might be insignificant for most people out there.

Malware «fighters»

If there's an archive of a JS trojan, "Antivirus Trust Contributors" will find it. As isn't as popular as, it suffered much less damage from those fairies.

Here's the current VirusTotal rating for the host of, as well as the rating for the domain name. As you can see, unlike, doesn't have a bad reputation on VirusTotal. The so-called "contributors" haven't found it yet. The original creator's was slightly more popular, which resulted in poor host rating. The domain is no exception, they spammed it with reports well.

To get my points across, I am going to show you a single (only a single one, there's no need to torture you with more) VirusTotal community report from the original domain page: are blocked in chrome. Now only you can enter with anonymous browser Like TOR. and its totally joke virus.
Note: the website are gives you to joker virus so, oof
and, if you re-create the site, you probaly be arrested
🤡 🤡 🤡


Remaking this website was in plans, but, of course, took precedence. The domain was first acquired on 10th of May, 2021 (2021/05/10). I finally decided to create it after all the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community to my remake.

v1.0 2021/05

v1.1 2023/08

v1.2 2023/09


Any questions, thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Mail me at [email protected] if you've got anything HURR-DURR to ask or propose. For fan mails or anything concerning the creator, please use [email protected].

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